A plea to the Liberal conscience of the global village, A statement by a group of writers, artists and journalists Against Turkish military invasion of Afrin (Syrian Kurdistan)!

20171022-screenshot-35444a7b3-imageTo The free and freedom-loving people of the world:

In the past two days, the Turkish army has carried out a deadly military attack on the Syrian territory against the people of Rojava (The Democratic Federation of Northern Syria) and the defensive forces of the democratic, self-governing canton of Afrin. According to the latest reports, the Turkish military air force jet fighter, using 72 aircraft, carried out at least 154 airstrikes against the people of Afrin Canton, and with the bombardment of the city center and areas such as Madras, Rajov, Shara, Shirava and Mobat, killed and wounded at least dozens of citizens in this area.

The Turkish government’s army has announced that since Wednesday January 21, 2018 marched on Afrin area, and intends to clear the canton from the People’s Defense Units. it should be noted that the aim of recent militery attack of Turkey led by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is genocide and stifling the liberation movement and dismantling of the Political system of democratic Confederacy, which is governed by the rule of law and direct democracy and by the will of the people. The launch and implementation of this warlike and aggressive attack has been implicitly and secretly agreed upon by some of the capitalist states and world powers involved in the Syrian crisis.

We, the signatories of this statement, condemn the cruel and brutal attacks of the Turkish army and the aggression and imposition of terrestrial and air warfare against the Syrian people and People’s Defense Units in the Afrin Region of “Rojava”, And the silence of states that allegedly defend peace, democracy and human rights, which in reality by endorsing or acting as a passive bystander to this disastrous aggression of the Turkish government fan this blatant aggression.

The Conscientious people throughout the world defend the basic right to life and freedom of all people. We, the signatories of this statement, urge the democratic institutions of writers, journalists, artists, workers, women, and students associations to condemn this hostility and inhuman actions of the oppressive governments, and prevent the occurrence of a large “human catastrophe”.

We believe that Afrin’s people, like other free and democratic forces in the Middle East, who are plagued with the oppressive and tyrannical policies of the governments, want another world; a Free and equal and humane world! Therefore, the progressive people of the world should not leave the peaceful and liberal people of the self-governing Afrin Canton alone against the aggressions and crimes of the Erdoğan Army and other despotic forces of the region. The Conscientious and freedom-loving people throughout the world must take effective and necessary measures to prevent the recurrence of catastrophes such as the killing of Kobani people by the Islamic State and the Armenian genocide committed by the Ottoman Turks, be that effectively prevent the genocide of the people of Afrin and the destruction of the democratic system by the neo-ottomans’ government of Erdoğan.


  • Cyrus Bina, university professor and member of the Supreme Council of Economists for peace and security
  • Behrouz Shayda, literary critic and researcher
  • Mirza Akah Asgari Mani, poet and writer and director of Radio Mani
  • Farhad Besharat, political affairs analyst
  • Ali Asghar Fardad, Poet and Translator
  • Bahram Rahmani, author and political analyst
  • Murad Azimi, translator
  • Sudabeh Ardavan, painter and cartoonist
  • Abolfazl Erdokhani, satirist
  • Babak Salari, photographer and instructor
  • Fayyar Asadian, poet
  • Behrang Zandi, journalist
  • Nemat Ali Moradi, Director of Arzan Publication-Stockholm
  • Gol Morad Moradi PhD.; Author and Translator
  • Shahrooz Rashid, writer and poet
  • Ali Kamrani, stage actor and poet
  • Shahin Moahammadi, Literary critic and blogger
  • Esfandiar Monfared Zade, Musician and composer
  • Hasan Hesam, Poet
  • Hosein Daryani, Theater Actor
  • Manoochehr Doosti, Poet
  • Mohammad Reza Rohani, Lawyer
  • Hossein Afsahi, Author, Actor and Director
  • Turaj Espari, Author and Journalist
  • Shohre Shoayi, Master of Science in Linguistics
  • Jalal Sabzevari, Persian Literature Researcher   


    • Supported by:
  • Bamdad Cultural Center – Stockholm




Reach out to us at: bahram.rehmani@gmail.com


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