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A plea to the Liberal conscience of the global village, A statement by a group of writers, artists and journalists Against Turkish military invasion of Afrin (Syrian Kurdistan)!

February 4, 2018

20171022-screenshot-35444a7b3-imageTo The free and freedom-loving people of the world:

In the past two days, the Turkish army has carried out a deadly military attack on the Syrian territory against the people of Rojava (The Democratic Federation of Northern Syria) and the defensive forces of the democratic, self-governing canton of Afrin. According to the latest reports, the Turkish military air force jet fighter, using 72 aircraft, carried out at least 154 airstrikes against the people of Afrin Canton, and with the bombardment of the city center and areas such as Madras, Rajov, Shara, Shirava and Mobat, killed and wounded at least dozens of citizens in this area. (more…)