Statement, Free Reza Shahabi immediately and unconditionally!

sendikaThe undersigned workers’ organizations have been following the situation of Reza Shahabi, a member of the board of directors of the Syndicate of Workers of the Bus Company of Tehran and the Suburbs, for many years. Reza Shahabi’s activities in defence of the rights of workers in Iran are entirely within the framework of the internationally recognized standards and the ILO conventions. Reza Shahabi has been arrested many times for his activities and has spent about 6 years in prison.According to the Syndicate of Workers of the Bus Company of Tehran and the Suburbs, Reza Shahabi , after being recalled to prison, was sentenced arbitrarily to extended prison terms including the time he was on medical leave, which means a new one-year prison sentence and 968 extra days of imprisonment to “compensate” untold circumstances. He has suffered various diseases as a result of torture and the lack of health facilities in prison during these years. In protest he went on hunger strike and ended it only when the directors of prison promised to reconsider all these alleged new prison terms. But nothing happened.

Now we have learned that he suffered a slight cerebral stroke in prison a few days ago. His life is in danger.

The signatories of this letter object to the imprisonment of Reza Shahabi and demand solemnly his immediate and unconditional release in order to let him to profit from a proper medical care corresponding to his deteriorated health conditions.

We also recall that, as a member of the ILO, the Islamic Republic of Iran must respect fundamental ILO standards, including freedom of association and collective bargaining.


25 December 2017



International trade union network of solidarity and struggle

Réseau syndical international de solidarité et de luttes

Rede Sindical Internacional de solidariedade e de lutas

Rete sindIcale internazionale di solidarietà e di lotta

الشبكة النقابية العالمية للتضامن والنضال


Les organisations membres du Réseau syndical international de solidarité et de lutte

Organisations syndicales nationales interprofessionnelles

Central Sindical e Popular Conlutas (CSP-Conlutas) – Brésil.

Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT) – Etat espagnol.

Union syndicale Solidaires (Solidaires) – France.

Confédération Générale du Travail du Burkina (CGT-B)–Burkina.

Confederation of Indonesia People’s Movement (KPRI) –Indonésie.

Confederación Intersindical (Intersindical) – Etat espagnol.

yndicat National Autonome des Personnels del’Administration Publique (SNAPAP) – Algérie.

Batay Ouvriye – Haïti.

Unione Sindacale Italiana (USI) – Italie.

Confédération Nationale des Travailleurs – Solidarité Ouvrière (CNT SO) – France.

Sindicato de Comisiones de Base (CO.BAS) – Etat espagnol.

Organisation Générale Indépendante des Travailleurs et Travailleuses d’Haïti (OGTHI) – Haïti.

Sindacato Intercategoriale Cobas (SI COBAS) – Italie.

Confédération Nationale du Travail (CNT-f) – France.

Intersindical Alternativa de Catalunya (IAC) – Catalogne.

Union Générale des Travailleurs Sahraouis (UGTSARIO) – Sahara occidental.

Ezker Sindikalaren Konbergentzia (ESK) – Pays basque.

Confédération Nationale de Travailleurs du Sénégal Forces du < Changement (CNTS/FC) – Sénégal.

Independent Trade Unions for Egyptian Federation (EFITU) – Egypte.

Sindicato Autorganizzato Lavorator COBAS (SIAL-COBAS)– Italie.

General Federation of Independent Unions (GFIU) – Palestine.

Confederación de la Clase Trabajadora (CCT) – Paraguay.

Red Solidaria de Trabajadores – Pérou

Union Syndicale Progressiste des Travailleurs du Niger (USPT) – Niger.

Union Nationale des Syndicats Autonomes du Sénégal (UNSAS) – Sénégal.

Unión Nacional para la Defensa de la Clase Trabajadora (UNT) – El Salvador.

Solidaridad Obrera (SO) – Etat espagnol.

Organisations syndicales nationales professionnelles


National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT/TUC) – Grande-Bretagne.

Centrale Nationale des Employés – Confédération Syndicale Chrétienne (CNE/CSC) – Belgique.

Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores del Sistema Agroalimentario (SINALTRAINAL/CUT) – Colombie.

Fédération Générale des Postes, Telecom et Centres d’appel – Union Générale Tunisienne du Travail (FGPTT/UGTT) – Tunisie.

Trade Union in Ethnodata – Trade Union of Empoyees in the Outsourcing Companies in the financial sector – Grèce.

Syndicat national des travailleurs des services de la santé humaine (SYNTRASEH) – Bénin

Sindicat dos Trabalhadores da Fiocruz (ASFOC-SN) – Brésil.

Organizzazione Sindicati Autonomi e di Base Ferrovie (ORSA Ferrovie) – Italie.

Union Nationale des Normaliens d’Haïti (UNNOH) – Haïti.

Confederazione Unitaria di Base Scuola Università Ricerca (CUB SUR) – Italie.

Confederazione Unitaria di Base Immigrazione (CUB Immigrazione) – Italie.

Coordinamento Autorganizzato Trasporti (CAT) – Italie.

Confederazione Unitaria di Base Credito e Assicurazioni (CUB SALLCA) – Italie.

Syndicat des travailleurs du rail – Union Nationale des Travailleurs du Mali (SYTRAIL/UNTM) – Mali.

Gıda Sanayii İşçileri Sendikası – Devrimci İşçi Sendikaları Konfederasyonu (GIDA-IŞ/DISK) – Turquie.

Syndicat National des Travailleurs du Petit Train Bleu/SA (SNTPTB) – Sénégal.

Asociación Nacional de Funcionarios Administrativos de la Caja de Seguro Social (ANFACSS) – Panama.

Conseil des Lycées d’Algérie (CLA) – Algérie.

Confederazione Unitaria di Base Trasporti (CUB Trasporti) – Italie.

Syndicat de l’Enseignement Supérieur Solidaire (SESS) – Algérie.

Palestinian Postal Service Workers Union (PPSWU) – Palestine.

Union Syndicale Etudiante (USE) – Belgique.

Sindicato dos Trabalhadores de Call Center (STCC) – Portugal.

Sindicato Unitario de Trabajadores Petroleros (Sinutapetrolgas) – Venezuela.

Alianza de Trabajadores de la Salud y Empleados Publicos – Mexique.

Canadian Union of Postal Workers /Syndicat des travailleurs et travailleuses des postes (CUPW-STTP) – Canada.

Syndicat Autonome des Postiers (SAP) – Suisse.

Federación nacional de trabajadores de la educación (SUTEChili)– Chili.

Plateforme Nationale des organisations professionnelles du secteur public – Côte d’Ivoire

Organisations syndicales locales

 Trades Union Congress, Liverpool (TUC Liverpool) – Angleterre.

Sindacato Territoriale Autorganizzato, Brescia (ORMA Brescia) – Italie.

Fédération syndicale SUD Service public, canton de Vaud (SUD Vaud) – Suisse

Sindicato Unitario de Catalunya (SU Metro) – Catalogne.

Türkiye DERİ-İŞ Sendikasi, Tuzla et Izmir (DERİ-İŞ Tuzla et Izmir) – Turquie.

L’autre syndicat, canton de Vaud (L’autre syndicat) – Suisse

Centrale Générale des Services Publics FGTB, Ville de Bruxelles (CGSP/FGTB Bruxelles) – Belgique

Arbeitskreis Internationalismus IG Metall, Berlin (IG Metall Berlin) – Allemagne

Sindicato Unificado de Trabajadores de la Educación de Buenos Aires, Bahia Blanca -(SUTEBA/CTA de los trabajadores Bahia Blanca) – Argentine

Sindicato del Petróleo y Gas Privado del Chubut/CGT – Argentine.

UCU University and College Union,University of Liverpool (UCU Liverpool) – Angleterre.

Organisations syndicales internationales

 Industrial Workers of the World – International Solidarity Commission (IWW)

Courants, tendances ou réseaux syndicaux

 Transnationals Information Exchange Germany (TIE Germany) – Allemagne.

Emancipation tendance intersyndicale (Emancipation) – France

Globalization Monitor (Gmo) – Hong Kong.

Courant Syndicaliste Révolutionnaire (CSR) – France.

No Austerity – Coordinamento delle lotte – Italie.

Solidarité Socialiste avec les Travailleurs en Iran (SSTI) – France

Basis Initiative Solidarität (BASO) – Allemagne.

LabourNet Germany – Allemagne.

Resistenza Operaia – operai Fiat-Irisbus – Italie


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