Mahmood Salehi:  We have to fight for freedom, We Have To Fight For Freedom! Worker s Organizations & Activists! The Workers Syndicate Abroad! Human Rights Advocates! Freedom-loving Social and Regular Media Activists! Dear Friends and Comrades!

23032462_1620070118013996_6633714032773949670_nDuring my 27 days of incarceration, by and far I was aware of your activities, protesting my recurring imprisonment; I witnessed your efforts and unsparing activities of each one of you to reflect and communicate my difficult physical situation in prison; I witnessed your sincere activities to enroll the support of workers organizations, syndicates, and political parties both within Iran and abroad; I am of the knowhow of your efforts to get the attentions of parliamentarians and human rights and civil liberty advocates; I came to know about your participations in the actions, meetings and support rallies to mobilize and galvanize the attention and support s for my release and other imprisoned workers.

Observing this great class based solidarity and knowing these sincere and unsparing efforts, the last thing on my mind was the attention to my own physical and difficult situation. Instead of thinking about my own deplorable situation, I was rather thinking about how resolutely you stood to set the imprisoned workers free. I do remember that this was not the first time that I had witnessed this praise worthy solidarity of yours in defense of imprisoned workers and activists. This unity and class activism is just a glimpse of the present day chronicle. This unity and class activism has an old history, dating backto the days of formation of the working class and its struggle and is a significant and inspiring signs for our society.

Without a doubt, these inspiring actions in defense of imprisoned workers, can lay the foundation to unite the working class in nationally integrated organizations to a state that the working class itself can step up to the task of defending its activists. Noticing this shortcoming, as one of the imprisoned workers I thank all of you sincerely each individual workers activists, workers bodies, workers committees, syndicates, freedom loving people, social media activists and the media in Iran and abroad that during this one month period stood with my family and the Committee for Defense of Mahmood Salehi (CDMS). I salute you sincerely for you spare no efforts for my release. I also thank and appreciate all those who came to greet and visit me from far and near distances and all those who bestowed joy and happiness on me.

Once more I will pledge to all of you and Iranian working class that I will not cease my struggle to defend the demands and rights of the workers and I will not stop till the establishment of a class-less society until these is last ounce of energy. I know that well that no suppressive power has the might enough to stand against the united force of the workers.

Onwards to uniting the working class!

Mahmood Salehi, Tuesday November 28th, ۲۰۱۷





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