Gozareshgaran appeal in protest for the re-arrest of Mahmoud Salehi and in condemnation of the Islamic Republic of Iran

23032462_1620070118013996_6633714032773949670_nFreedom will not be given, it should be taken! Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed. Martin Luther King, Jr. To the freedom fighters and to the international working class community!

The Islamic Republic, in its continuation of the serial killings and silencing labor activists in Iran, and after driving Afshin Osanlo, Shahrokh Zamani, Korosh Bakhshandeh and Mohammad Jarahi to the verge of death, who imprisoned Reza Shahabi, who has critical physical health conditions, in the notorious dungeon, under inhuman pressures. Then, the capture and torturing of Mohammad Nazari, Ismail Abdi, Mahmoud Beheshti Langroudi, Mohsen Omrani, and Rasoul Bedaghi, by its security guards and plain clothes Gestapo’s arbitrarily re-arrested Mahmoud Salehi , who was leaving hospital after his dialyzes.This action has led to a wave of disgust & abhorrence and condemnation of the regime’s authorities and its agents (henchmen), therefore, the labor activists and labor organizations abroad are preparing for national & global protesting actions. Labor activists and political prisoners inside prison, with their protests and long-term hunger strike, cry out for justice, and they are raging against the ruling class policies for depriving them of the basic human rights as well. For years, noble, honest and militant people such as Reza Shahabi and Mahmoud Salehi have been in the cross-fire of the regime’s judicial authorities. They have neither life, nor financial securities and their arrest is every day’s discourse.

Based on our historic experiences & documented evidence, we know that the ruling class in Iran, have no regard for the public opinions and social political prisoners’ families at all, and in any condition, it applies its sinister intentions on these activists. Therefore, all of the labor activists and labor advocates of Iran, with the most possible solidarity together, with their power, putting the Islamic Regime on the verge of impasse, believing that unconditionally, they could release Shahabis and Shalehis and other social and political prisoners as well.

We, the undersigned, along with all of the other protests and actions, whilst condemning these anti-labor and anti-human acts in Iran, demand the immediate and unconditional release of Mahmoud Salehi and Reza Shahabi, and all other social and political prisoners.





Arash Kamangar – Political Activist

Ali Pichgah – Labor activist

Abas Samakar – Political Activist

Ahmad Nejati – Political Activist

Ali Damavandi – Political Activist

Akbar Deylami – Political Activist

Ardeshir Mehrdad – Political Activist

Ali Samad – Political Activist

Ali Etedali – Political Activist

Amin Bayat – Political Activist

Ahmad Bekhradtab – Labor activist

Amador Navidi – Political Activist

Amir Mirzaian – Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Azadeh Derah – Political Activist

Atefeh Eghbal – Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Abas Rahmati – Political Activist

Ahmad Azizpour – Political Activist

Bagher Ebrahimzadeh – Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Behrouz Khabaz – Labor activist

Bahman Jusefi – Political Activist

Behrouz Arefi – Political Activist

Bijan Saidpour – Political Activist

Babak Moradi – Political Activist

Behrouz Farahani – Labor activist

Bahram Rahmani – Political Activist – writer

Borhan Divargar – Political Activist

Behnam Changai – Political Activist

Behzad Karimi – Political Activist

Bahram Soltani – Professor und human rights activist

Bakhtiar Pirkhezri – Commonist Actisit

Behrouz Sooren – Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Ebrahim Avakh – Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Esmail Fatahi – Political Activist

Ehsan sabet – Political Activist

Ebrahim Pouyan – Political Activist

Esmail Moloudi – Left Political Activist

Fariba Sabet – Political Activist – Former political prisoner – Women’s rights activist

Farhang Ghasemi – Political Activist – writer

Faraj Aliari – Political Activist

Farshid Shokri – Left Political Activist und Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Iran

Ghahreman Ghanbari – Political Activist

Gisoo Shakeri – Poet – Singer – Writer

Gholam Asgari Bakhtiari – Labor activist in exile

Hasan Hesam – Poet – Political Activist – Writer

Hossein Naghipour – Political Activist

Hossein Moghadam – Labor activist

Hamid Jahanbakhsh – Political Activist

Hasan Azizi – Political Activist

Hasan Naderi – Political Activist

Heshmat Mohseni – Political Activist

Hossein Bahadori – Political Activist

Hamid Foroutan – Political Activist

  1. Riahi – Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Hamid Mousavi Pourasl – Political Activist

Hamid Pour ghasemi – Political Activist

Iraj Heydari – Political Activist

Iraj Mesdaghi – Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Jamshid Safapour – Labor activist

Jafar Hosseinzadeh – Political Activist

Jalal Mohamadnejad – Left Political Activist

Jousef Zarkar – Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Keytash Shams – Political Activist

Khaled Bayazidi ( Delir ) – Poet

Khosro Ahangar – Political Activist

  1. Alvand – Political Activist

Kordestan Rafi nia

Khosro Shahriari – Writer – Movi director

Kambiz Gilani – Poet

Kiv Shokri – Prolter

Maryam Alborzi – Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Maryam Akhzarpour –

Majid Moshayedi – Active asylum

Morteza Afshari – Labor activist

Minoo Homayli – Political Activist – Former political prisoner – Women’s rights activist

Majid Darabeygi – Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Mehrdad Ahangar – Political Activist

Masoud Forouzesh Rad – Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Morad Azimi – Labor activist

Majid Mousavi Bidar – human rights activist

Malek Banisalman – human rights activist

Mohsen Rezvani – Political Activist

Mehdi Keshavarz – Political Activist

Mild Malek – Political Activist

Manouchehr Maghsoud Nia – Political Activist

Manaf Amari – Political Activist

Mohsen Teymourzadeh – Political Activist

Mahmoud Ashouri – Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Nasrin Ahmadi – Political Activist

Narges Kermanshahi – Political Activist

Nasrin Ebrahimi – Political Activist

Nahid Nazemi – Political Activist

Neda Noavar – human rights activist

Naser Babamiri – Political Activist

Nosrat Teymourzadeh – Political Activist

Navid Divargar

Nader Sani – Political Activist

Parvin Riahi – Women’s rights activist

Parviz Davarpanah – Political Activist

Parvaneh Soltani – Political Activist

Pirooz Zoorchang – Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Parviz Mirmokri – Poet

Parvaneh Moghadam – Labor activist

Pari Bakhshi – Labor activist

Rauf Afsai – Political Activist

Rashid Aminzadeh – Political Activist

Rasoul Shokati – Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Reza Pourkarimi – Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Reza Bishetab – Poet

Rasoul Balouch – Political Activist

Roja Roshan – Political Activist

Shervin Raha – Labor activist

Sahar Mohamadi – Political Activist

Soosan Shahbazi – Labor activist

Siroos Bina – Professor and Political activist

Siamak Jahanbakhsh – Political Activist

Siamak Moayedzadeh – Labor activist

Salam Ziji – Political Activist

Sedigh Jahani – Labor activist

Siamak Farid – Political Activist

Solmaz Eskandari – Political Activist

Soma Radmanesh – Political Activist

Soleyman Bayazidi – human rights activist

Siavosh Karsaz – human rights activist

Soraya Fatahi – Women’s rights activist – Political Activist

Said Mohamadi – Former political prisoner

Taghi Rouzbeh – political analyst

Halmet Ahmadian – political analyst

Hedayat Soltanzadeh – political analyst

Signed by organizations:

The Corner of Solidarity with the Workers of Iran – Frankfurt

Freedom of Workers and other political prisoners in Frankfurt – Campaign

Revolutionary Socialist Party of Iran

Info Iran – Vienna

Canadian Radio Radio

Coordination councils against the killing of the Islamic Republic – shouting Khavaran

Workers’ Solidarity Committee of Iran and Sweden

Freedom of Thought and Expression Foundation

Bamdad Cultural Center – Stockholm

 Signed by sites and weblogs:

Aleyhe Setam Jebsu


Kargaran Iran






Rangin Kaman


Radio Payam


Socialism today


Estrak WordPress






Taghi Roozbeh


Iraj Mesdaghi




Gisoo Shakeri


Weblog Gozareshgaran


Reza Bi Shetab


Esmail Moloudi


Atefeh Eghbal


Alborze Ma


Kaveh Parestoo


Baz Afarini Vagheiat ha













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