Condemn security forces brutal attack on political prisoners in Evin prison

 According to confirmed reports, on Thursday April 17, 2014, at about 8:30 am, an amalgam of security forces composed of Evin prison’s anti-riot unit, security staff from Judiciary, Intelligence Ministry and Guardian Corps’ members in civilian attire rushed into Ward 350 of Evin prison (Evin House of Detention) under pretext of inspecting the cell blocks. After physically inspecting each prisoner, they ordered all prisoners to leave their cells. 

 Since on previous inspections many items and documents from prisoners had been stolen or damaged, prisoners decide not to leave the cells and tell the inspectors that without disrupting their inspections they will stay in the cells, as to keep an eye on thImagee proceedings. After this response one of the inspectors begins to tape all prisoners in the cells with a camera while the wards’ speakers repeatedly blasts orders in a menacing and threatening manner to immediately vacate cells one and three. A short while later the inspectors begin assaulting all the prisoners in cell one. Once the other prisoners who had been forced into prison’s yard become aware of this attack they start to assemble behind cell one’s window and protest by chanting and screaming in support of their fellow inmates.

 Afterwards a large number of anti-riot agents armed with batons positioned themselves on the staircases and hallways. These agents forced all the inmates from cells one and three, who were forcefully removed from their cells, to go through a “Tunnel of Fear,” (getting repeatedly hit on the head and shoulders by batons) on their way to outside the building. According to reports the beatings continued outside the ward which resulted in many serious injuries. Most of the attacks were directed against prisoners with leftist tendencies in these two cells. While assaulting and uttering most vile words these agents also destroyed all the properties in the cells. They piled up all the chairs, tables, food in the refrigerators, books, notes, and cells’ drapes… in middle of the cells. Some of prisoners’ monies were stolen.

 After the attack was over many prisoners were seriously hurt and bruises all over their bodies were clearly visible. 32 of the inmates who were attacked also had their head forcefully shaved. For some four hours Ward 350 of Evin prison was turned into a battlefield with blood all over the walls of cells one and two, prison’s yard and the bus used to transport the prisoners.

 According to confirmed reports this attack was led by individuals named below, who were all present during the assault; Ali Ashraf Rashidi, Evin Prison’s Warden: Javad Momeni, Evin prison’s Assistant warden in charge of ward 350: Colonel Amanian, Prison systems chief of security: Capitan Rafiee, Evin’s chief of security. Amanian and Rafiee were directly supervising many agents during the attack. The chief for security in Rajaie prison, Bahraini, was also present, directing his staff from Rajaie prison during the assault. In addition many other agents in civilian attire also took part in the attacks.

 The regime of Islamic Republic on the same day, and most probably in a coordinated move, also executed a political prisoner, Mr. Samko Khorshidi in Dizel Abad prison of Kermanshah.

 ImageBased on prisoners’ testimonies numerous reports on this attack have been published throughout the world since April 17th, 2014. The voice of political prisoners’ and their afflicted families has been decisive in spreading the news about this barbaric, inhumane attack. A number of labour activists are also prisoners in ward 350 and were affected as well. IASWI considers its responsibility to inform workers’ organizations, progressive and leftist associations and parties, and Human Rights organizations throughout the world about the continuity of such brutal repression of political prisoners in Iran. The situation of political prisoners in Iran, which include workers, students, writers, journalists, lawyers, religious and ethnic minorities and sympathizers of opposition groups…, is absolutely precarious. Once again, persecution, harassment and pressures on political prisoners in jails of the Islamic Republic of Iran are reaching more heinous dimensions. We are calling on all concerned individuals and progressive organizations internationally to express your outrage against the recent attack on political prisoners in Iran. Our immediate demands could include the prosecution of all security forces and their commanders that led this attack as well as the immediate access of all affected/ injured prisoners to hospitals outside the prison. Our key demands include the immediate and unconditional freedom of all political prisoners and freedom of expression and association.

 April 21, 2014

 International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran (IASWI)

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Twitter: @khamenei_ir;  ‏@HassanRouhani


 About IASWI: The International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran (IASWI) was formed in 1999 and formally launched in January 2000. The IASWI has been working in collaboration with many labour and progressive organizations and activists in Iran and around the world to strengthen worker-to-worker solidarity in defence of workers’ rights, demands and struggles in Iran and against the repressive anti-worker policies and practices of Islamic Republic of Iran. IASWI is a fully independent organization and does not accept funding or resources from any governments or corporations and their affiliates


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