Reza Shahabi Zakaria is a Iranian worker and is a member of syndicate of workers of Tehran and suburbs bus Co. it must been stipulated which he has been sentenced 6 years in prison and he is in jail from 42 months ago until now.

2011-11-29-0013Reza Shahabi Zakaria’s letter from Section 350 of Evin Prison about Syria
Workers and People of Iran and Worldwide
The western capitalist countries led by American imperialism have once more oriented their warships, aircrafts and missiles towards the already injured Middle East in the pursuit of the interests of capitalists and particularly military industries (the production of varieties of death in large extent). Their pretext this time is Bashar Assad’s role in the chemical bombardment of Ghouta area near Damascus. This is the claim that not only has not been confirmed by any independent inspectors so far, but also seems far from reality due to various reasons: the reinforcement of the positions of the Syrian government against those of the armed opponents in recent weeks; the coincidence of these attacks by the voluntary invitation of Assad’s government of the chemical inspectors of the United Nations; the distance of the locations of the bombardments from the establishments of the Syrian army; and in addition to all these and particularly due to the background of the systematic misrepresentations and concealing the truth of the media and governments that claim that Assad’s government is responsible for these bombardments. The ones that, through their silence, endorsed Saddam’s chemical attacks during the eight year war of Iraq against Iran now are ready to set the area on fire under the pretext of the suspicious chemical attacks in Syria with the ridiculous and incredible humanitarian gestures. The ones that have for years supported and armed the most reactionary and anti-humanitarian regimes with the most horrendous weaponry this time, under the threadbare excuse of the violation of human rights or existence of lethal arms, bring along for the the innocent people of each country after the least independence the calamity of sanctions and military attacks.
Workers and people of Iran and Worldwide!
Ten years ago the American government attacked Iraq under the spurious pretext of the existence of the mass lethal weaponry. Ten years of chaos, ten years of destruction of the infrastructures and large and small installments of the country, ten years of the massacre of the innocent people of the country including women and children, ten years of targeted assassination of the free, leftist activists, and independent journalists, ten years of instigating sectarian-religious wars; and in a nutshell ten years of the cancerous assault at the entire feeble society in Iraq; and this is the prescription of the Imperialism of the America for each of the countries of the area and northern Africa. The pacific American period has been over for years; the discredit of the western liberal democracy, changes in the geography of accumulation of capital, growth of the consciousness and self-consciousness of the workers, sufferers and free people of the area all have resulted in the instability and downfall of the skeleton of the previous order of the area and incompetence of the United States in the establishment of a new order that meets her benefits. That is why the belligerent imperialism of the United States finds the only way for the maintenance of her relative dominance over the strategic area of the Middle East in the destruction and weakening of the established governments, destruction of infrastructures, deactivating social organisms, instigating sectarian-religious conflicts particularly between Shiites and Sunnites, and in brief creation and reinforcement of every centrifugal and separatist current in the independent and semi-independent countries(from disintegration of Sudan to the so far unachieved plans to disintegrate Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Libya, refueling the civil war in Iraq, Lebanon, the support of the blasphemous groups and even Al-Qaida terrorists, etc.).

Comrades of common fate!
The ultimate act of the scenario that is initiated in Afghanistan, Sudan and Iraq, yesterday in Libya and today in Syria and Egypt will be most probably enforced in Iran and other countries tomorrow. This is the destruction of the entire area, victorious assault of death, poverty, demolition and anxiety for the following decades. We should not let the performance of a few dialogs and spontaneous movements and improvised tone conceal the general and ghastly plan of this narrative from our eyes and our comrades’ eyes. Our brothers and sisters in Tunisia and Egypt, and spontaneously, aroused against the allies of the western governments for the freedom and social equality three years ago; this could have been the initial point of a revolutionary movement against neoliberalism and dictatorship of the area that while overthrowing the despotic regimes that enforce the neoliberal policies, from the governments of the Persian gulf to Egypt, and even Syria, etc., result in more equal political and economic structures. But now look at Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon. Egypt is still under shock of the antirevolutionary coup d’état of the army with the direct support of the Saudi Arabia and Israel. In Libya under the pretext of the support of the people against Muammar Gaddafi and under the deceitful coverage of the “no-fly zone” the bombardment of the infrastructures, roads, piping nets and massacre of the people was enforced, the result of which was more than three thousand billion dollars of damage to the infrastructure establishments and the death of about thirty thousand civilians. Presently, not only a democratic structure is not established in Libya, but also the life of the people is the arena of the armed groups and tribal conflicts. In Syria although Bashar’s reaction to the scattered, pacific and democratic oppositions, initiated two years ago under the leadership of the “coordinating committees”, was harsh and unwise, it was the western, Turkish, Saudi Arabian, and Qatari media and the intelligent services that had the crucial role in exaggeration, media prevarication, financial and weaponry support of the terrorists in Syria and turning the abovementioned protests into military, destructive, reactionary and antidemocratic oppositions. It is not groundless that “coordinating committees” not only have withheld street activities since long time ago, but are today incisively against any foreign intervention in Syria.
The gist of the matter is that the Anti-revolution has been almost successful in crucifying the recently initiated revolutionary movement. The masterminds of this Anti-revolution are the capitalists of the area, with the backing of their western supporters and some of the reactionary-supporting countries in the area with their head being the fortress of the reaction and Anti-revolution, viz. Saudi Arabia. The West and the established governments of the area wanted to turn the gun of the revolution against itself and they currently seem to be successful at that; different steps of the changes in Egypt and even Syria have also been representatives of this ominous change. Therefore, it is not peculiar that United States that has downtrodden and bespattered the area for over a decade with the pretext of fight against terrorism is today fighting against Assad’s government along with Al-Qaida terrorists and influential Sheikhs in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc. The government of the United States under Obama has been able to reach an unprecedented level of impudence and belligerence in the modern politics in the history while claiming that they do not need evidence for an attack to Syria, and that their attack will be definitely enforced regardless of the results of the United Nations’ chemical inspectors.
The downright realization of the current scenario is not inevitable! Our common will, Yours and Ours, can change it fundamentally. Our silence, passivism, and indifference can just mean that we seal the persistence of poverty, slavery of ours and our children for several decades with our blood.
Comrades in search of freedom and equality in Iran, area and the World!
We, a group of activists and independent working organizations in Iran want you to arise against any Anti-revolutionary action of the governments and external and internal agents particularly against the impending military attack of the Imperialist black history of United Stated-France-England wherever you are, and whatsoever manner possible, through organizing demonstrations, publishing materials, cooperative and conscious-raising activities! We want you to condemn the anti-humanitarian, antirevolutionary and separatist actions of the arsenal of the antievolution of the area, Saudi Arabia in Egypt, Syria and other countries. We want you to develop your solidarity with working brothers and sisters who are after freedom and equality all over the world and in the area, and condemn the antihuman actions of the Al-Qaida terrorists and the functionary armed rebels in the area. Although we believe that constructing a better and more human world is possible, in order just to prevent the current social relations from falling into the nadir of more inhuman relations Arise!

Reza Shahabi Zakaria, a member of the board of directors of Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company
Evin Prison, Section 350, Sunday September 1, 2013


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