vi skickade texten till riksdags talesman och alla partier.

protesters sitting out in Stockholm!

 To the humane world.

 Islamic regime is an ugly and disgusting political entity forced upon the 70 million Iranian’s society.   This regime, this contradictory reality has during its life time increasingly suppressed the society and the population. Today more than ever the merits of the Islamic Statement of a number of the Islamic regime’s critiques and regime mean increasing poverty and deprivation, unemployment and hopelessness, inflation and shortage of supplies, lack of freedoms and social and personal security and at the same time intimidation, prison and torture and extortion and imposition. This is now a common knowledge that the Islamic regime now due to its abuse and violation of human rights of Iranian citizens has lost face and is severely isolated in the international community and among the world’s public opinion.

Unfortunately, despite hatred of the majority of the people, this regime continues its shameful reign thanks to savage oppression and violence and international community’s appeasement. Today the Iranian society is in daily and constant challenge and struggle against the Islamic regime for its basic yet violated rights, survival and sustainable life. 

Iran ’s young generation which constitute the majority of the population is forced to live under a reactionary, corrupted culture and morality. Women, half of the population have been suffering from sexual apartheid, harassment and social isolation. This regime continues to intoxicate the society with superstitions and mambo-jumbo, and systematically irradiates the education institutions, universities and schools from scientific education, creativity, and initiatives.

Iranian working class is under unbearable pressure. Wages are not sufficient for minimum needs of any working class family. Unpaid and lagged salaries, mass unemployment, threat of being laid off, rocketing prices are realities of Iranian working class today.

Other social classes, teachers, nurses, public service employees have been severely impoverished and to survive have to take two or three jobs.   For millions of Iranians of the working category this miserable situation, life under poverty line and deprivation is the norm in which they live.

Yet the regime’s intimidation and violent pressure to enforce these conditions and preserve the power increases day by day. Regime’s censorship deprives masses from international news outlets and information sources, limits masses from access to cyberspace, controls publications and advertisements, and attacks each and every voice of opposition. Not only the social life but even people’s private lives are controlled by the security apparatus, and inhumane and medieval laws are forced upon the masses which deprive them from choice and pursuit of happiness. The world has been watching every day this regime’s sham justice and judiciary system with its barbaric and medieval verdicts and punishments. Public executions, stoning and torture in prisons and absolute violation of human rights of its opposition and political adversaries have been carried out in front of a global audience.

Under such conditions many of the regime’s dissidents and protesters have no other choice but fleeing and seeking asylum in other places. A considerable number of the regimes opposition, human rights activists of labour movement and social, political, legal, and cultural areas are detained and imprisoned.

The following is a list of a number of those activists in the Islamic regime’s prisons:

  1- Behnam (Asad) Ebrahim-zadeh, 2-Ali-reza Akhavan, 3- Zabihollah Bagheri, 4-Mohammad Jarahi, 5- Shahrokh Zamani, 6-Reza Shahabi, 7-Ali Nejati;

  Teachers: 1-Mehdi Farahi Shandiz, 2-Rasoul Bodaghi, 3-Abdol-reza Ghanbari, 4-Abdollah Momeni;

  Journalists and bloggers , 1-Mohammad Davari, 2- Ali Poor-soleiman, 3-Badrolsdadat Mofidi, 4-Mohammad Noubakhsh, 5-Reza Tajik, 6-Ehsan Mehrabi, 7-Mashalah Shamsolvaezin, 8-Eisa Saharkhyz;

Lawyers and jurists: 1- Nasrin Sotoodeh, 2-Houtan Javid Kian, 3- Zarafshan, 4-Soltani;

Religious minorities and Christian converts: 1-Yoosef Nadarkhani, 2-Afshin Vafadaran, 3-Mehdi Karbalaei-ali, 4-Omid Kolidar-nezhad, 5-Fatemeh Tork Kojoori



The following is a list of a number of the activists in the Evin prison’s ward 350 :

 1 -Asad Klidernejad2 -Fatemeh Tork kajori3 -Mojtaba Ahmadi4 -Bahman Ahmadi amoei5 -Afshin Osanlo6 -Majid Ebrahimi7 -Sepehr Hosein asghari 8 -Asadollah Asadi 9 -Hasan Asadi zeidabadi 10 -Vahid Asghari 11 -Javad Emam 12 -Saeed Amiri 13 -Mohsen Aminzadeh atlasi 14 – Mehdi Eghbal15 -Behzad Elahinia16 -Rahim Azarm17 -Naser Kamran ayazi18 -Farshid Iranban19 -Hamidreza Izadyari20 -Reza Entezari21 -Omid Behroozi22 -Alireza Beheshti23 -Amir Azarnia24 -Sepehr Bahrami25 -Esmaeil Barzeghar26 -Emad Bahavar27 -Ali Porsoleiman28 -Mohammadreza Ponaki29 -Hosein Sabet30 -Saeed Behmani31 -Mohammad Parsa32 -Masuod Chavoshi33 -Rasol Hardanifar34 -Ali Jamali35 -Abolfazl Jamalian36 -Mohsen Javadi Afzali37 -Ramin Jalali38 -Mohammad Hosein Khorbag39 -Babak Dashap 40 -Mohsen Daneshpoor Moghadam41 -Ahmaddaneshpoor42 -Gholamreza Khosravi43 -Dalir Sani44 -Alireza Rajaei45 -Mostafa Danesh46 -Mohammad Davari47 -Aref Darvish48 -Amir Khosro Zeynali49 -Javad Zadkam50 -Ali Zahed51 -Hosein Zarini52 -Behroz Zomorodian53 – Shahin Riki54 -Didar Raofi Mohammadof 55 -Ghasem Sholesadi 56 -Behroz Zomorodian 57 – Ali Shekarchi 58 -Hesam ShahsavariZadeh 59  – Abolfazl Shahpari 60 -BtirShahrad 61 -Esmaeil Sahabeh 62 -Mohammad Saemi 63 – Sroosh Safavardi 64 -Fereydon Seydi 65 -Mohsen Sadeghi 66 -Abolfazl Abedini 67 -Jamal Ameli 68 -Farid Taheri 69 – Jalil Taheri 70 -Javad Alikhani 71 -Bahador Alizadeh 72 -Mehdi AlizadehWe, a number of dissidents and protesters against the Islamic regime, who have fled the persecution and sought asylum in Sweden, have initiated a protest campaign against the Islamic regime and to echo what is happening to the human rights activists in Iran and inform the humane world about the oppression in Iran and atrocities committed by the Islamic regime. This campaign which started on 1 May with an all day round information tent in Sergel sq in central Stockholm will continue for a month. We started the campaign on the occasion of the International Workers Day by echoing the Iranian workers situation and informing about the imprisoned and persecuted workers by the Islamic regime. So far we have propagated about the situation of political prisoners, women’s situation and human rights violation by the regime. So far a large number of anti Islamic regime dissidents in Stockholm joined us or declared their support. Our objective is playing our role in an on going struggle against atrocities of the Islamic regime and against the daily persecution of our people, and in support of demand for freedoms and human rights.

We call upon all freedom loving Iranians and human rights defenders of Europe to support our campaign and echo our voice.


Islamic regime’s dissidents and protesters in Stockholm

 1 -seyed ezatollah rashmi 2 -yasin elyasi 3 -samieh ronaghi 4 -mohammad shahnavazi 5 -mohammadali ansari 6 -reza taherafshar 7 -akram mansouri khourzani 8 -farshad pashazadeh sardehai 9 -azardokht zamani 10 -mohsen baghdadi 11 -amirhossein baghdadi 12 -shahab mehdinezhad sari 13 -arian mirzolfaghari 14 -iraj shahalidost 15 -arezo hasannejad 16 -leila somand 17 -reza somand 18 -zahra ghomizadeh 19 -mojgan delpazir 20 -saed delpazir 21 -maryam arabsheikh 22 -maryam pak 23 -hossein jafarali jasbi 24 -amir fartousi 25 -amir fasaei 26 -hasan jafari boeni 27 -neknam porabolghasem 28 -asadollah ghiyasvand 29 -parvin ghiyasvand 30 -kamran ghiyasvand 31 -ali azaribalsi 32 -hamidreza hassani 33 -mino mehrfomani 34 -morvarid nejadi


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