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Support labour activists in Iran

June 21, 2012

In the latest crackdown on labour activists and independent workers’ organisations by The Islamic Republic of Iran, about 60 labour activists were arrested on 15 th June 2012 .   (more…)


Urgent Action needed:Raid on workers’ meeting: Arrests of 60 labour activists in Iran

June 17, 2012

According to a series of news releases by the Coordinating Committee to Help Form Workers’ organizations, on Friday, 15th of June, 2012, at 12 noon, about 60 labour activists including many members of the “Coordinating Committee” were arrested by the agents of the intelligence Ministry after they raided a house in city of Karaj while a meeting of the coordinating committee was underway. Arrestees were beaten by the security agents and transferred to Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj . (more…)

Comrades, workers’ representatives, Human Rights activists, honorable and freedom-seeking individuals

June 10, 2012

 Image101st annual meeting of ILO is underway, with much gratitude to the collective of French labor syndicates for initiating this call for today in support of Iranian workers, we invite all you comrades and workers’ representatives to this protest in solidarity and in support of workers in Iran. (more…)

vi skickade texten till riksdags talesman och alla partier.

June 3, 2012

protesters sitting out in Stockholm!

 To the humane world.

 Islamic regime is an ugly and disgusting political entity forced upon the 70 million Iranian’s society.   This regime, this contradictory reality has during its life time increasingly suppressed the society and the population. Today more than ever the merits of the Islamic Statement of a number of the Islamic regime’s critiques and regime mean increasing poverty and deprivation, (more…)