Long Live May 1st

                                                                                                                                                                              First First of May is the day of unity and international solidarity of the working class. It is a day to reaffirm and celebrate the fact that the workings class from Tehran to Shanghai; from Washington to Paris; from Baghdad to Ankara; from Cairo to Riyadh and from London to Johannesburg all share the same destiny.

First of May doesn’t belong to any other class or layers or strata of the society. It’s not a day of national unity. It’s not a religious day belonging to Muslims, Christians, Jews or any other religious sects. On this day the working class reaffirms and celebrates its distinct and independent class identify.

Throughout the history of mankind there has never existed so much wealth and resources and at the same time there has never been so much poverty and exploitation and inequality. Despite all the misery and destitution and the inhumane conditions prevailing across the globe, bourgeoisie has never ceased from its attempts to extend its domination and eternalise the subjugation of the working class. Bourgeoisie is hard at work to convince us that the status quo is the only reality and the hope and aspiration for equality, socialism and human emancipation is nothing but a dream. “Managing” the current economic crisis at the expense of the working class and further curtailing the rights, entitlement and share of the working class from what workers produce has become the preoccupation of the bourgeoisie.

First of May is an occasion when the working class declares its outright objection to capitalism and all that it stands for.  It is a day to say a big “NO” to modern wage slavery of twenty first century and a day to demand workers’ socialist equality and human emancipation.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has shamelessly declared 2012 the year of national efforts to increase production and protect Iranian capitalism. Under the pretext of job creation and protecting domestic industries, the Iranian regime, supported by the bourgeois media and political parties, are intend on transferring the burden of its economic crisis onto the shoulder of the working people and intensify their exploitation. By blaming the current crisis on cheap imports from China and Far East, they are hoping to draw the working class into an unhealthy competition and make them work harder, longer and for lower wages. We declare that we will not fall for these divisive and poisonous nationalistic competitions. For us, capitalists of all and every national denominations are the same. They all belong to the same camp of bourgeoisie and bent on exploiting us.

On 1st  May and in all our rallies, gatherings and activities, we will  emphasise on our solidarity and class unity against the bourgeoisie and together with our comrades in other parts of the world, we stress on our distinct class unity and our shared destiny and world solidarity. We declare that countering bourgeoisie’s onslaught requires awareness of our joint destiny and our class unity. We declare, on this day, that the Iranian capitalism’s interests and needs are totally opposed to our interests.

The Islamic Republic, like all the other capitalist regimes across the world, tries to infiltrate and influence our ranks. They hide their real intentions behind sound bites such as “national security” and the interests of “Iranian” workers.

Deceit and lies are the weapon of all the bourgeoisie governments and all the anti-worker’s movements. Presenting their own class interests as that of the whole population and the working class has served the bourgeoisie well. They have learned that the only way to continue with their rule and domination is through disjointed and disunited ranks of the working class.

The working class in Iran is an important battalion of the world working class. The strength and power of the proletariat in Iran is well documented. Any progress and advance initiated by the workers in Iran will have deep repercussion across the region and internationally.

Comrades, communist workers!

Our divided ranks is the main reason that bourgeoisie in Iran is still in power. Political oppression, religious dogma and nationalistic thoughts and beliefs are all tools in the hands of our class enemies to prolong our subjugation.

The unity of communist workers within the labour movement is the prerequisite for class solidarity and unity. The unity of communist workers around the banner of socialism and workers’ revolution will undoubtedly enhance and forge the unity of the workers on a mass scale. The unity of workers rests with you. Any positive development in the society first and foremost depends on the unity of workers and the leadership of its Communist Party. Even any improvement in our day to day struggle is directly related to class consciousness and the strength of our unity.
The rank of equality and freedom is relying on you. Any revolutionary development in the society is relying on the working class with its own clear horizon and political flag and its worker communist party to enter the arena of struggle! The communist workers are the leaders, the organisers and guarantors of this liberating development over the whole of the society.

Long live the international unity of workers

Long live workers revolution
Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist
April, 6, 2012


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