On the massacre of 16 Afghan civilians at the hands of a US army soldier:

 Victims of Pentagon’s Killing Frenzy

 According to reports carried by the media, apparently a US Army staff sergeant stationed in southern Kandahar left his base in the early hours of March 11 and launched a harrowing house-to-house killing spree and callously shot dead sixteen defenceless civilians, including nine children.

 Following this incident the Afghan parliament and the Afghan president condemned the massacre and called for the prosecution of those involved. The Taliban also issued a statement threatening to revenge the killing by beheading US soldiers. The US State Department, the US Defence Secretary and the leaders of NATO countries expressed their “regrets”. This massacre is referred to as the act of one “deranged individual”. Subsequently the US authorities announced that the accused individual had “probably been suffering from mental disorder caused by an injury sustained while on duty in Iraq in 2010”. They have promised to try the individual accused of the shooting.

 The duplicity and hypocrisy of the US administration is incredible. They are determined, by blaming this atrocity on the mental status of a deranged army personnel, absolve the US and NATO armed forces of their atrocities around the world. It is a hard job to defend the actions of an army that has been set up as a killing machine and fed with a strong dose of hatred toward the “enemy”. What happened on March 11 is what the US army and its personnel have been trained and prepared for.

 It is not clear why the deranged and mentally unstable US soldiers invariably tend to turn their guns on defenceless and hopeless people in Iraq and Afghanistan? And it is not clear why these deranged army personnel instead of going out to a nearby village five kilometres away refuse to aim their guns at their own forces?  And why is it that when these personnel suffer from brain damages do not assault their own fellow soldiers?

 The accused US soldier may or may not have had suffered from a traumatic brain injury, as it has been alleged. But the massacre of the inhabitants of the village in Afghanistan was the result of his sense of “duty” and his training. The truth is that the US armed forces have been trained and brain washed to kill “enemies”. The US army has not been trained to protect and advance “human rights”; “democracy” and “peace”. It is a force put together and trained for killing, bloodshed and destruction. For this force the massacre of innocent people is hailed as acts of “heroism” and in defence of the “glorious” motherland and “fight against terrorism”. Thousands of murderers have been honoured for precisely exhibiting such a level of brutality. People like the perpetrator of this latest atrocity are hailed, honoured and elevated to become role models for their army. The actions of a handful of hapless and suicide bombers who below themselves up along with others is trumpeted as terrorism and yet the mass killing committed by a powerful and superior army is called the act of “liberation” and  their armed forces are called “liberators”.

 The history of the Imperialists armed forces headed by the US is littered with despicable crimes and mass murders. The latest and most advanced technologies are deployed by the Imperialist armed forces with the main objective of killing people and bringing about total destruction. The US army is the one that has deployed weapons of mass destructions, including nuclear weapons, against innocent civilians. Atrocities of the US army in Vietnam top the list of the shameful crimes committed in the history of mankind. Can all these criminal acts be attributed to mad individuals within the US armed forces?

 While the barbaric actions of the Islamist forces and the massacre of civilians are labelled as “acts of terrorism”, the crimes perpetrated by NATO are called defending “human rights”, “democracy” and promoting “peace”. And regrettably the boot licker and official media, resorting to their vast resources and latest ploys, are actively at work to distort the truth and promote a different image of the activities of the western forces and cover up their crimes.

 To find out the truth of this latest massacre in Afghanistan, first and foremost, the high ranking US decision makers should be put on trail. These people are not only the perpetrators of this tragedy but also should be tried for the genocide of  millions of people in Africa, Southern America, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine and numerous other places.

 Sadly this tragedy has already opened a new round of confrontation, in different countries in the region, and has brought and spurred on all sorts of reactionary, nationalist and religious forces. It is precisely these kinds of atrocities committed by NATO, Pentagon or Israeli forces that feed the Islamist forces and armed criminals. It is against the backdrop of such atrocities and the popular outcry and resentment against it, and in the absence of progressive, radical and humanitarian forces and the powerful and radical workers unions and organisations that the reactionary forces under the pretext of confronting the Western countries manage to exert their influence. It precisely due to unbridled barbarism of the US and NATO forces that pushes the downtrodden and deprived people in these regions to seek protection from any so called “anti-American” religious and tribal  forces.

 U.S. Defence Secretary, Leon Panetta, in an attempt to calm the situation down has promised to put the accused US serviceman on trail. This trail more than anything else is an attempt to divert attentions from the likes of George Bush, Barak Obama, Tony Blair, Panetta  and all the senior officers and decision makers in Pentagon and the White House who order the killing of thousands of people each day.

 Following this recent massacre Hamed Kerzai, Talaban and a spectrum of reactionary forces have been hard at work exploiting this tragedy to strengthen their own political fortunes and continue with their corrupt and criminal activities. The apparent conflict between these forces and the West  and the crocodile tears shed by US officials has no relevance to the plight of the ordinary Afghan citizens.

 All the Iranian opposition political Parties and currents, all the pro-western political forces and all those who have pinned their hopes on the West’s intervention in Iran; and all those who are banking on US and Israel’s  military assaults against Iran have kept quiet about this massacre. It seems that condemning the massacre of 16 civilian in Afghan is not worth jeopardising the cordial relationship with the West. They are longing for the West’s military intervention in Iran.

 And the fact is that in the absence of an effective defiance by the progressive humanity; in the absence of a powerful protestation headed by the organised working class to expose all the criminal forces and hypocrites; in the absence of a powerful protest to oppose the US militarism and the barbarism of the Islamist forces, it is the murderous Islamic Republic of Iran that has come forth and presented itself as defender of the defenceless Afghan people.

 Amidst all these, and in the real world, it is the ordinary Afghan citizens that have fallen victim and their lives and livelihood has been left at the mercy of the reactionary forces and US and it allies to advance their own political interests.

 Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist

March 15, 2012


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