Attacking Libya is a crime against the Humanity

 Capitalism wants to blackmail the revolutionary peoples of the world through different deceptions and tricks.  Through brutish acts and chimerical justifications they attack various countries so peoples of different countries do not dare to make revolutionary protestations and overthrow the capitalist regimes and world capitalist dependent puppets; all this is to gain some more days of living for government that under their dominations are defending the interests of capitalist system.  Now performance of a new tragic action is shaping in capitalist criminals hands; they want to continue same crimes they committed against people of Iraq and Afghanistan, following that up against Libyan people and they are secretly ordering their lackeys like governments of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and others that if you don’t want to be overthrown yourselves come and ask the USA and other aggressive criminal states to attack Libya; and these dictators that are dependent upon the world capital also ought to pay invasion’s expenses and through the encroachment act division Saudi Arabia also takes its own role as the local sheriff so that not only to save the world capitalism from sliding down its steep destiny and also extend its own disgraceful ruling continuance. 

This is how capitalist systems plunder and foray the working class through various directions; from one side, to resolve their own economical crisis they sell out their stashed properties and their military armaments through creating war situation and, use some of that through military invasions in other countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya to empty out their stash and through further production of weapons heal up their sickened capitalist economy a bit.  From this other side they destroy the infrastructure of the invaded nations and after destructions as they have occurred in Iraq Afghanistan, their latter economical foray and plundering gets the name of reconstruction and giveaway the contracts to their affiliated companies; in the meanwhile they create greatest terrorizing conditions through indirect means and then another form plundering and forays are imposed under the title of contracting with private corporations to establish security and stability for society through their own agents.  That is why that while they make a lot of profit in destroying countries but thence they make hundreds of times more profit through reconstruction of those ruined nations, making them hundred percent dependent upon them and, through all this they take over controlling the oil in Libya and the Persian Gulf countries thoroughly.

 Stop all attacks & transgression to Libya

 Close all Military Bases of U.S.A. in all countries of the world

 Rise in unity to support all revolutionary upheavals of all the peoples of the world

 Saudi forces should leave Bahrain immediately

 Group of Iranian Refugees in Turkey

March 21st, 2011


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