Newsletter number 4, Saturday, December 11, 2010, Reza Shahabi is transferred to the hospital

 According to a credible report from Evin prison, Reza Shahabi was transferred from Section 209 of Evin prison to an unidentified hospital by the agents of the Intelligence Ministry on emergency basis after his condition deteriorated on the eighth day of a dry hunger strike.  Another news source reported earlier that Reza was taken to the clinic in Section 209; however, another source has rejected this claim and emphasized that Reza was taken somewhere outside of Evin prison.

 The Shahabi family who has learned of this latest news is in a bad state of mind and does not know how to proceed.

 Shahabi has been imprisoned for 6 months in Evin.  Two months ago, a 6 million toman bail was paid by the family to obtain his release. Yet despite a release order he has been kept in prison. On 13 of Azar (December 4) Shahabi began his dry food hunger strike in protest.

 Supplemental news and detail will be announced later.

Translated by: International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran

ترجمه: اتحاد بین المللی درحمایت از کارگران در ایران


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