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Iran- Increase in arbitrary arrests of labour activists

August 12, 2010

·       Reza Shahabi still held incommunicado

·       Osanloo sentenced to one more year prison

·       Members of the Coordinating Committee targeted/jailed

·       RMT campaigns for release of Iranian trade union leader, Reza Shahabi (more…)

How domestic workers become slaves

August 6, 2010

Every year women come to this country as domestic workers, to support families back home. Instead, they are often unpaid, overworked and abused by their employers

Army vehicles help slowly restore fuel supplies in Greece as truckers continue strikeاعتصاب رانندگان کامیون در یونان

August 1, 2010

In the country where the eyes of the European market are anxiously observing, Greek truckers are continuing to lay their hands off the wheels and instead steer a nation-wide strike. More than 30,000 truckers in Greece went on the strike on Sunday and have been off of work up to today. (more…)