Pressmeddelande Från:Organisation for Women’s Liberation and European Feminist Initiative

Göteborg 2010-02-10

Women’s rights activists and secularists from Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran and Europe gather in Sweden to celebrate 8 March

Organisation for Women’s Liberation and EFI invite you to a very important and exciting international conference in celebration of 8 March, IWD on Saturday 6 march. We have invited well-known activists and writers, including Nawal al Sadawi from Egypt and Malalai Joya from Afghanistan. This is going to be a memorable event.

Press conference on Friday 5th March at 2 PM

Medusahuset, Viktoriahuset samlingssal, Linnégatan 21 B, 413 04 Göteborg

Solidarity with women’s struggle in the world

For freedom, equality, security and secularism

How secularism plays a vital role in the struggle for women’s equality and security and in fighting violence against women

In the face of backlash against women’s rights, women must unite to say STOP and make changes happen. As one important tool to mobilize a strong movement to achieve these goals, it is crucial to bring activists from around the world together to exchange experiences and to share views. We organised a very successful international conference in March 2009 in Gothenburg, entitled: “Why is secularism essential?” to open discussions on the importance of secularism for the women’s movement. The international conference in Skopje, Macedonia in October 2009 also brought together more than hundred activists from around the globe to address these issues and to create solidarity and advancement of women’s cause. The conference will take place on 6 March at 1 pm.

Speakers: Nawal el Sadawi, Malalai Joya, Maria Guaman, Lilian Halls-French, Marieme Helie Lucas, Azar Majedi, Cris  Mc.Curley, Gjuner Nebiu, Maria Rachidi, Gudrun TIBBE Tiberg,

Organisation for women’s Liberation

European Feminst Initiative

Shahla Noori



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