Announcement of the Closing of Draka and the Threat of Unemployment for 125 Workers

Rise Up and Resist!

On Friday January 8, 2010, the capitalists of Draka Factory announced their bankruptcy claim and that the factory would shut down in ten days.  Draka is located in Arnes, Norway.  The factory employer is a Dutch capitalist who has four similar factories in Norway.  Draka manufactures different cables for computers.  On Tuesday January 13th more than 200 workers along with their supporters in -20°C weather gathered together in the city to deliver their huge outcry against the closing of the factory and the subsequent unemployment of 125 workers.  The dissenting protesters were carrying banners with statements, “Let Draka Remain!”.  Trond Leistad spoke for the group.  He said, “The news of the shutting down of the factory shocked us and our families.  During the last year the number of customers and applicants has continually increased and it is not understandable why Draka must close!  We absolutely do not accept the action of the employer and we object to the closing of the factory.  We will resist and fight back against the decision of the employer.  I, on behalf of all the workers, thank you for supporting us.  We are ready to expand our protest and will continue this protest with our families and supporters in the coming days.  We call upon all people of Arnes city, municipal representatives and Trade Unions to support us.” 

Up till now, none of the Norwegian Trade Unions have supported this rightful protest of workers, as usual.  Usually the union tradition’s goals are deception, demagoguery, and in the best situation the issuance of a pamphlet expressing their sympathy with workers, that is, their aims are empty rhetoric support.  Their kind of support does not make any differences or solve any huge worker problems.  All evidence indicates that the employers are looking to gain more profits and wanted to transfer their capital to different realms and probably to those countries with cheap labour – almost free. 

We suggest to workers to not restrict the dimensions of their protest, to not only organize rallies or to only pin hope on corporative trade unionism.  Draka, the total capital of Draka, the total capital of Norway, and the total capital of the globe is the product of the work and exploitation of the worker masses.  We created Draka, every crumb of Draka’s capital was produced by us.  We want this company to continue to function and this is only us who has the right to make the decision for Draka or other Drakas.  Our decision is very clear.  Draka must continue to work, the employer of Draka is free wherever they want to go but Draka belongs to us, belongs to our work and exploitation.  We must quickly organize ourselves into councils.  From the podium of this council we must call upon all Norwegian workers, all Scandinavian workers, workers from Europe and all over the world to support our council and fight back.  By relying on the power of this council and on the support of our classmates, we must take over the factory; we must take the planning of work and production into our hands.  We want from all Draka workers to begin to form their own council and take over the factory.  Simultaneously, we call upon all Norwegian workers and workers from Europe and the world to support the struggle of these workers.

Anti-capitalist activists in Scandinavia


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