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Pedram Nasrollahi freed from capitalism’s prison

December 11, 2009

Pedram Nasrollahi Today, Monday December 7, 2009, Pedram Nasrollahi, a labour movement and women’s movement activist, was released on 30 million tomans ($30,369) bail. Pedram Nasrollahi was arrested by the security force on Thursday, November 12, 2009, at 5:40pm, while returning [home] from work. He was detained in Sanandaj’s Ferdowsi Street, and after a beating was held in the city prison’s quarantine. On Thursday, November 26, he was moved to the Pak 2 wing and on Tuesday December 1, this well-regarded (more…)



December 4, 2009
Index: MDE 14/037/2009 Issue Date: 03 December 2009  
hundreds facing execution in iraq  

The Iraqi authorities are preparing to execute hundreds of prisoners, including 17 women. They have exhausted all their appeals, and could be put to death at any time. (more…)

Comrade Farzad Ahmadi’s release from capitalism’s prison

December 3, 2009

According to the latest news, at 2pm today, Tuesday December 1 2009, Farzad Ahmadi, a labour activist and tailor, was released from Sanandaj prison on a bail of 30 million tomans ($30,369). (more…)

Free Haft Tapeh Five! Free all jailed workers!

December 1, 2009

(See sample protest letter) *Ali Nejati’s last letter before his imprisonment and the request for support and solidarity: Support for incarcerated workers is support for all workers! Workers! Everyone is aware that Haft Tapeh workers in the past few years, to achieve their demands, have resorted to strikes and protests; demands such as payment of unpaid back wages, payment of over-time work, and the right to create independent workers’ organization. (more…)