Mohsen Hakimi Freed from Evin PrisonMohsen Hakimi, a worker-activist and member of the Coordinating Committee to

Form Workers’ Organization, after enduring 2 months of imprisonment where he
spent 52 days in solitary confinement, was released midnight on February 18
th, 2009 from Ward 209 Evin Prison. His release was conditional with a
surety of more than $100,000.

Mohsen Hakimi was arrested on December 22, 2008, related to the arrest of
Bijan Amiri, an autoworker and a member of the Coordinating Committee to
Form Workers’ Organization. Mohsen Hakimi who had been arrested for the
sixth time by the Islamic Republic of Iran, in his first interrogation
session on December 23rd, he refused to answer any of the questions in
protest of his detention as well as not signing his surety in the public
prosecutor’s office. Mohsen Hakimi, had been interrogated approximately 20
times. The main issue of Hakimi’s interrogation included: his connection
to political parties; the copying and distribution of flyers against the
Islamic Republic; and being a member of the Coordinating Committee to Form
Workers’ Organization. Hakimi denied the two first issues during all of his
interrogation but introduced himself as a founding member of the
Coordinating Committee to Form Workers’ Organization as well as the
individual in charge of the Committee’s website.

It is necessary to mention that on his last day of imprisonment even though
his interrogator had received his release letter with the surety he was
still again taken to the interrogation room, verbally insulted and
physically assaulted. The interrogators stated to Hakimi that they would
stop his release because he did not cooperate with the Ministry of
Intelligence Services and did not accept the charge of copying and
distributing flyers against the Islamic Republic. Hakimi repeated his
statement again to the interrogators and did not accept these charges of
copying and distributing pamphlets against the Islamic Republic. He was
returned to the Ward after this session. On midnight of February 18th,
2009, he was taken from the Ward and again his release was conditional that
he promises to appear in court on February 22nd, 2009. Mohsen Hakimi stated
that his appearance in court cannot be done with such a promise rather this
notice must be sent from the court itself. Additionally he refused to sign
the Promise to Appear notice and finally without making any promises he was
released from jail.

We congratulate his release to him, his family and the workers’ movement. We
call upon all workers, worker-activists and all freedom-lovers to continue
to protest detentions such as these and the related attacks, assaults and

Coordinating Committee to Form Workers’ Organization

February 19, 2009


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