To Consciences and all Conscious Workers Fel low Workers!

Up until today, three weeks have passed since Mohsen Hakimi and Bijan Amiri, two anti-capitalist and working class movement activists for abolishing wage-labour, have been held within the deadly dungeons of the capitalist government of Iran under the fatal pressure of physical and mental torture. The crime of these two workers is merely struggling against the wage-slavery system; and imposing the fundamental anti-capitalist demands of the working class of Iran on the possessors of capital and the capitalist government. Additionally, they are determined to organize nationwide, united and anti-capitalist councils of all wage-slavers around these demands. Their real crime is that they are seeking the emancipation of the working class and all human beings from the hellish system which is based upon the relationship of buying and selling labour power. Bijan Amiri and Mohsen Hakimi are only working towards the realization of such goals and so have been captured by the oppressive forces of the capitalist government and subsequently been imprisoned and tortured.
For the past three weeks, these two anti-capitalist working class activists, have been deprived from any direct visits or open conversations with their families, even with their lawyer. Two weeks after their detention, once during a brief telephone call home to their wives, they had stated that a $100,000 bail had been issued for each of them. From then until now, their families have tried many times and no matter where they go, they were unable to speak with any judge or any legal authority of the capitalist system. The judge told Mohsen Hakimi’s lawyer that there was no such surety issued for their release. Their imprisonment continues.
The support for the release of these two anti-wage-slavery movement activists needs widespread active support from all conscious workers around the world and from all dissenters against the barbaric capitalist system. We are asking for widespread and effective support from all fellow worker members. We are not asking for any help from the Trade Unions or from the heads of left-leaning parties of any bourgeois parliament. The Trade Unions are defenders of the existence of wage-slavery and the entire criminal retention of the anti-worker system which Mohsen and Bijan and all conscious workers of the world are fighting to abolish. Trade Unions are the gravediggers of the anti-capitalist wage-labour movement of our class and any intervention by them related to the imprisonment of any worker is merely an intervention within the framework of a dispute between different groups of the global bourgeoisie. We do not refer this plea to the reformists from such institutions which are dissolved within the civil, production, legal, and political order of global capital. We are directly asking you for your help. We believe in: the worker masses that are under the pressure of the exploitation of capital; the workers in Pars Khadro (car factory in Iran), the co-workers of Bijan Amiri; the entire worker movement of Iran, the movement of which Amiri and Hakimi are two of the conscious and militant members of it; and the entre working class of the world; all of which are respectable to defend their lives and their fates. Wherever you are, protest against the continuation of the imprisonment of Hakimi and Amiri. Your protest against their imprisonment and your support of all anti-capitalist worker activists in any way including petitions must reach all workers around the world. Let’s expand the struggle for the release of Amiri and Hakimi to a widespread campaign against the wage-slavery system.
We know well that petitions do not solve anything. This is clear for us. Some people constantly inform us about this and we are surprised because they do not understand that we know full well the limitations of the effect of petitions. What we are looking for is not a miracle from a petition rather the solidarity as well as the international unity of anti-wage-labour worker masses of the world in any form in any possible way. This petition in its place and along with all struggles and anti-wage-labour activity, is a way to express sympathy and solidarity. Let’s take a step away from our geographic distances with the same voice, sympathy, militancy and form a united and international struggle against capitalism. Let’s unite around a single conscious struggle against capital. Let’s make a collective struggle for the release of Hakimi, Amiri, and other detained worker-activists; Naslahi, Madadi, Rahimi and others as a ground for unity and international solidarity against capital.
Anti-Wage-Labour Collective
January 11, 2009


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