Continuation of the Imprisonment of Mohsen Hakimi and Bijan Amiri

In the previous statement where we updated that the anti-capitalist working class movement activists Mohsen Hakimi and Bijan Amiri during their phone call home to the families, stated that a $100,000 bail was issued for each of them; today approximately one week later, the special state prosecutor and the judge completely denied the issuing of any such surety. The judge has refused to discuss any surety or bail with their families.
Today, Saturday January 10, 2009, the judge refused to see their families but meanwhile Mohamad Sharif, Mohsen Hakimi’s lawyer, could see the judge. The judge told Mohamad Sharif that these arrestees were still under interrogation and that they are not permitted to see anyone; and that their case is still in the early stages. The judge was denying the statements about the surety offer that the arrestees told their families; and proclaimed ignorance of such an offer. Mohsen Hakimi and Bijan Amiri have not had any communication with their families since their phone call a week ago. Their families are unaware of their situation and they are worried about their health and their fates.
Coordinating Committee to Form Workers’ Organization
January 10, 2009


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