The Arrest and Detention of Two Worker-Activists

On the morning of December 22nd, 2008, Bijan Amiri, an auto-worker and a prominent member of the Worker Mountain-Climbing Board, after having had a confrontation with the factory Security Guard, he was then handed over to the Iranian Security Forces by the Security Guard of the Iran Khodro (Car) Factory in front of one of its main gates.
That evening, Mohsen Hakimi, a worker-activist and his wife went to Bijan Amiri’s residence to support and assist his family. At the same time, plain-clothes Security Forces went to Bijan Amiri’s residence and searched his entire house and all of Bijan’s personal belongings. Simultaneously they interrogated all of the people present at the house and they were taking Mohsen Hakimi’s identification and arrested him. The actions of the armed agents was faced with resistance and strong protests by Hakimi. Hakimi asked them to show their identification and the court-ordered arrest warrant, and told them that his arrest was a kidnapping like Mokhtari and Poyendeh (two members of the writer’s association that were kidnapped by government agents and their bodies discovered a few days later).
Mohsen’s, his wife’s and Bijan Amiri’s family’s protests did not go anywhere and the plain-clothes said they had an order and forcibly took Mohsen Hakimi. Until now, there is no news of their location.
We condemn the arresting and any trial as well as any pressures on worker-activists who are attempting to emancipate society from wage-slavery. Additionally, we demand unconditionally their unconditional release. We call upon all workers in Iran and around the world in any way to defend these workers.
Coordinating Committee to Form Workers’ Organization
December 24, 2008


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