Dear Sisters and Brothers of the Haft Tapeh Sugar Company

The IUF is the international trade union federation representing workers
around the world in the food, agricultural, hotel, restaurant, catering and
tobacco workers. On behalf of our worldwide membership organized in 373
trade unions in 121 countries, I write to express our full solidarity with
your struggle for your wages, your families, your rights and your dignity.
The right of all workers to freely join trade union organizations and to
bargain collectively with employers is a universal human right and is
recognized as such in international human rights instruments which have the
force of international law. No company, no manager, no government can
deprive workers of this right.

By creating your own organization, independent of the state, the Haft Tapeh
employees have created a vehicle for actively exercising this right. The IUF
welcomes this courageous move. We have no illusions about the authorities’
response – every independent organization is a challenge to despotism. Your
struggle will not be an easy one, but I can promise the full support of our
members around the world.

Yours in solidarity
Ron Oswald
General Secretary


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